General Info

Team Goals
We are committed to providing a positive environment, where our participants develop and enhance their track skills and learn teamwork, respect, and discipline, which are the essential skills needed to compete effectively at the next level. We firmly believe that team building also helps to develop our youth both emotionally and socially. As coaches who also mentor our participants, we will help our athletes build positive self-images and strive to reach athletic and academic goals and achievements.  Good sportsmanship, for athletes as well as parents, is enforced so that we continue to promote and develop friendships along the way; this is achieved by encouraging our youth in a positive manner and giving parental support and encouragement from fellow teammates.  Good sportsmanship is really nothing more than good manners and extending common courtesy to all athletes, coaches, officials, parents, and fans regardless of which team they represent. A losing team that demonstrates good character and classy behavior is held in much higher esteem than a winning team that is rude and discourteous. We do not tolerate displays of poor sportsmanship for any reason. Poor sportsmanship is an indicator of poor self-discipline, and a lack of maturity.  Track & field athletes are known for their high levels of sportsmanship. It is an inherent part of the sport. Failure to comply with our sportsmanship policy can result in removal from the team.
Season Overview
Our program runs year round.  The indoor season runs from January through March and the outdoor season runs from April through August.  Our regular track season provides multiple competitive track meets, which are hosted by local track clubs as well as venues that will require out of town travel. Participating in these meets affords each athlete an opportunity to gain experience before moving on to regional and national competitions hosted by USATF and AAU. All of our athletes have the opportunity to progress to the National Track venues, such as the Junior Olympics, depending on their performance in local and regional qualifiers.

Staff Information
All staff are background checked and have completed the Safe Sport course through USATF.